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Lappset Creative has been helping shopping centers improve their facilities by creating fun and interactive leisure attractions for customers of all ages, all over the world. With over 50 years of experience, we know how to design and build attractions that create buzz, increase foot traffic, improve dwelling time and leave memories to last a lifetime.

We know that the global pandemic has forced so many of us to radically change how we do business, but for shopping centers it’s also providing a great opportunity to plan and improve your location’s offerings and to be able to welcome your customers back to a fresh shopping experience; complete with new attractions and a variety of things to see and do!
We’ve all learned that customers can get what they need online, but we know that they go shopping for the leisure experience; and that’s where we can help you tremendously! No matter the size, no matter your desires; we can provide you with the attraction that not only brings your customers back, but keeps them there, too!

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Sales director, Lappset Creative Works

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Senior Marketing Specialist 

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